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Three Ways to Break Up with Your Mistakes

Kristin A Bigger Conversation, Empowering Self

“A Bigger Conversation”

We have all had those moments when our emotions took the lead and our maturity decided to run and take cover. This especially happens when we are shifting through uncharted waters because we are surrounded by uncertainty, yet we still accept the risk to push onward. Instead of beating ourselves up for how we handle a particular situation, I am here to suggest we ALL consider a different perspective. Here are my words to you, my sweet friend.
In life, you are going to make mistakes. Some mistakes will be small, some will be significant and some will stick to your heart and remind you of what an emotional idiot you were because your pride was in excruciating pain. I am here to remind you of just how vital your mistakes can be on your journey and how you can use them as a catalyst to making progressive change in your life.

Why are Your Mistakes Vital?

It’s simple. Your mistakes clarify something in you that has been harnessed down for some time. That’s why. And this is “huge” to accept. Let me provide an example to you about my own life. I recently set sail in some uncharted waters and there came a point where I was reminded of a feeling that happened in my past. The storm of emotion took over and I reacted like a juvenile rather than the “put together” woman I am. I could sit here, day after day, and beat myself up and let the reaction of who that impacted eat away at my soul OR I could (which I did) take the time to own it, process it, and learn from it. What I learned was that I had deeply rooted wounds that were masked and buried. These wounds were sealed and hadn’t been opened… maybe ever. The mistake allowed me to feel these wounds, so I could now deal with them. My energy needed to be rechanneled from embarrassment to action. This brings me to you, my friend. Can you think of a time when a mistake you made really pulled at your heart strings? Did you want to and perhaps do you still want to climb under that rock with utter sadness? Does this mistake like to show its ugly face to keep you playing small? If so, it is time to shed it and here are three ways to break-up with your mistakes! Take a deep breath and roll up your sleeves.

Three Action Steps to Take Now
  • #1: Forgive Yourself:  We all have those off moments.  Some people will want you to suffer for the mistake you made and this could likely make your heart hurt more.  However, what if I told you that how they are reacting to your mistake has nothing to do with you?  It is true.  They want you to suffer because they do not know how to deal with whatever suffering is going on in their own life.  Do not wait for the person to set you free.  You set yourself free.  It is that easy—-done.
  • #2: Appreciate the Mistake:  If the mistake never took place, you would be out of touch with why it made you feel the way it made you feel thus it would create zero opportunity to heal something old.  Every experience teaches us something, if you have an open mind.  Once you identify with what needs to be healed, you are less likely to respond or feel like this again.  Boom!  Done!
  • #3: Shed the Guilt:  Nobody is perfect.  You are going to make mistakes.  You are going to have to own them and accept the consequences for them, but you do not have to accept a life sentence.  Do not play into being faulted or shunned because you made a mistake.  Know that your worth is greater than that. If anyone wants to keep you feeling less significant than you are, I would invite you to let that person just be.  Clearly there is work to be done within that person as well.

There you have it! So you made a mistake, I get it. Learn from it. Apologize where you need to and fix the root of the issue… so you can heal. Be done. Move on and enjoy life. Boom!