Sparkle for Life and Business Success!

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I have been engrossed in the study of toxins and how toxins impact our ability to sustain optimal health.  In the process of uncovering how to detoxify, I started to make some profound connections with my own life.  When I look back, I was totally stuck.  I was not sure how to get from point A to point B when things in my life started to shift.  It was because my life, relationships, environment, and thoughts were completely toxic.

At the time, I didn’t realize that I was going through a cleanse, but in reality I was doing just that.  I started to work on myself emotionally.  I started to shed what was no longer serving.  I used a simple system of Delete, Automate, and Delegate within my personal/professional life.  I stopped moving the line in the sand and I stayed committed to the boundaries I knew I needed to set. I cured my disease to please!

Much like our bodies, we need to excrete toxins from our personal/business life.  This means MUCH more than reading a self-help book, attending a seminar, or writing down positive affirmations.  Simply taking small steps without detoxifying the behaviors or tolerances in our life that are toxic is the same as pouring clean oil into a car on top of dirty oil.   The dirt remains.  The clogging begins.  Sludge accumulates.  Energy and drive are lost and results reflect.

This is exactly why I am birthing a two-part power packed intensive program called SPARKLE FOR LIFE and BUSINESS SUCCESS!  So many women feel stuck and trapped.  There is a real internal battle that takes place… this impacts the energy that women put out into the big world externally.  As a professional certified coach, I see gutsy women trying to create, expand, and make their mark in the professional arena but they can’t seem to get past a certain point of success or they do hit their target but feel worse for it (stuck in overwhelm).  I also see “very with it” women who have their entire personal life in order yet they long for a chance to own a spot in this world as a business owner, creator, or life changer (something is missing)… but they get totally twisted and harnessed down by fear, limiting beliefs, and excuses!

This two part series is designed to powerfully help women, like you, get clear and laser focused on what they need to align within their personal life so that they can take on a smarter and more successful approach with greater outcomes in their business life.  If ever it appears other women around you are doing it with ease, they are!  They likely invested in themselves.  If you are watching women live a life you would love to live then stop watching from the sidelines.  Find out how NOW! Life is short, can I get an amen?

Is this you? Is this how you feel? If so, together, we will clear up the gunk, cleanse the soul, identify soul + spiritual habits and practices that will propel you forward by crystallizing your pre-packaged God-Given strengths.  As a student in this program, you will graduate feeling whole and complete. You will be aligned with your purpose and you will know how to get from Point A to Point B with ease, comfort,& confidence. Your spiritual and professional adventure awaits you, my friend!

I have been in prayer about this program and I meditate frequently about each specific area of focus, so that you can elevate.  I believe so many women struggle or they take a long time to get the results they were designed to reach because they forgot to bring their most trusted partner with them every step of the way, God.  It is time to make a big deal out of God and allow your calling to SPARKLE!

Stay tuned for the features and benefits for this amazing SPARKLE program.  My team is preparing for launch very soon.  Before I go, I want to invite you to start to work on the Delete, Automate, and Delegate concept.  This is just one of many concepts I have to help you launch a more “cleansed” & focused you!

Think it Through! What in your life can you delete? For me, it was the mentality that I did not have time to work on my health.  What can you automate?  For me, it was my social media platforms through Hootsuite.  What can you delegate? For me, it was administrative tasks that were taking far too much of my time when I should have been working on CEO tasks and money generating activities for my business.  Your turn!


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