Get Savvy, Stepmom Cover
Get Savvy, Stepmom Cover

Get Savvy, Stepmom



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Stepmother. Remember when the mere word evoked images of an evil hag complete with a hairy mole and a foot-long chore list for her sweet, innocent stepchildren? Today’s stepmom certainly isn’t thought of in such a way, nor does she look or act anything like her fairy-tale counterpart. Still, it’s often a long, lonely, treacherous journey from that romantic, idealistic I do with Prince Charming to being an integral, irreplaceable part of his ready-made family.

Part guide for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of blended family life, and part roadmap for dealing with negativity, stress, and confusion, Get Savvy, Stepmom! offers actionable steps, as well as a ‘savvy stepmom tool kit’ to address the inevitable challenges in creating a happy, harmonious family unit. It is, in effect, a framework to help stepmoms make strong, solid, bold decisions with strength, grace, and confidence.

Every stepmom deserves a happy, peaceful home and a fulfilling life. Get Savvy and learn the 10 secrets to raise the bar from just blended to Boldly Blended!

Print Length: 93 pages

Publisher: Graham Publishing Group (January 8, 2015)

Language: English

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