Permission to Celebrate YOU!

Permission to Celebrate YOU!

Kristin Empowering Self

I celebrated my 38th birthday yesterday.  I truly enjoyed the day and the many birthday wishes.  The day was so beautiful from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.  I genuinely appreciated the amount of people that helped to celebrate my day.

It was a very good feeling to realize that I let go of waiting until “special” days to celebrate “me.”  I used to feel very guilty when I would take time out or invest in myself.  I had the false limiting belief that I was to put myself last.  After all, I did have many other pressing responsibilities before myself, right?

As I embarked upon my own personal growth, it was not long before I realized that self-care and rejuvenation were essential elements to sustain my sanity.  If I wanted to step into a purposeful life and be the person I wanted to be, I had to start from the core.

Starting from the core can be a little overwhelming, well it was for me.  You know, when you have placed yourself on the backburner for a long time, cobwebs can form over your identity, your purpose, your vision for life, and cover up feelings of happiness.  That’s what happened for me.  As I started down the journey… heading to the destination of “Me”… I became clearer on what it was I wanted for my life and my professional life.  Once I was clear, it was easy to see opportunities, to turn away from tolerations, minimize monkey mind, and create a vision for my life.

It is important to give yourself permission to celebrate “YOU.”  I invite you to quit waiting for when the “world” says it is OK to be acknowledged and recognized.  I also welcome you to consider all of the inexpensive ways you can celebrate you, your accomplishments, and your dreams.

This birthday was very symbolic for me.  To celebrate “me” this year, I said “YES” to my dream house and signed the papers to break ground.  It feels freaking risky, it’s a whole lot of house in an exclusive/luxury neighborhood, but I went with my instincts and realized this was part of my plan.  What’s part of your plan?

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready to start to tune into your own channel again, then I invite you to be on the lookout for my new monthly coaching program called “SPARKLE.”  This program walks you through the process to get reunited with you again while tearlessly transitioning to the new you.  If you are ready to say good-bye to living a toleration based-lifestyle and hello to living a more flexible and freedom-based lifestyle, I invite you to start thinking about my SPARKLE program.

SPARKLE will officially kick off in July!  I hope to walk the path with you, my friend. Stay tuned in for something fabulous coming your way….

Before I go, give yourself permission.  Start today!