One Goal One Feeling

One Goal One Feeling

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Hi Ladies,

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels a bit in life? It seems like such a simple concept, “success” but is it really when you have not clearly mapped out where you are headed and how you were going to get there?

Success mapping is one of my favorite tools I use in life. I actually have adopted the tool in my household, as well, and there is nothing more exciting than hearing my kids talking about “mapping out their success goals.”

I used to work from a place of generalization. I set a goal for my professional life and I attached an income to it—done! However, the reality is that while I often met these goals and my newly defined expectations, I was exhausted, drained, confused, and I often felt like I was spinning on the wheel of hell. From the outside I was a success—Victory! Or was it?

It seemed so easy for the guru’s I would often follow and it seemed so natural for my business colleagues. How did they make it look so easy when I felt like I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed?

You know what? They identified with what they wanted out of life and what it would take to get there. They mapped out the steps, the feelings, the obstacles, and they DID NOT take the easy road. In fact, they simply took the path of LEAST resistance and stayed committed.

Listen, people make things look simple and easy. I am an honest coach and I will tell you the road to get to where you want to go takes big guts, a crystalized vision, support, and mostly 100% confidence in yourself. Some will tell you not to listen to yourself, but I say listen to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else, so that means you can clearly distinguish between negative head talk and a true desired goal.

In my own life, I am not free from stress, anxiety or frustration. It is limited and my vision is no longer foggy. BUT it took work, a ton of work and confidence to get to where I am currently on my professional and life journey. It took many upsets, many “aha’s” and the authentic will power not to give up when the odds were stacked against me.   I used to curse pain points in my life and now I just sit back and wait for the rainbows at the end of every storm that comes my way. Now, I choose a “bling bling” umbrella and sit in the middle of the storms and I embrace them, I am challenged by them, and I welcome them because something amazing is waiting for me on the other side. Girl, if you are in a storm—DANCE in it! Because of this fresh perspective over the years, I am exactly where I want to be and I know exactly where I continue to head. How about you?

I challenge you, my gutsy pals, to take 15 minutes under the sun today (alone) and assign one crystalized goal for the week and then attach a feeling to it. This is mine, “To become a resource to my team and to my family.” The feeling I have attached to it is “fulfilled.” When I know I have helped a member of my team or a family member, then I feel completely ecstatic and pumped up! It inspires me!

Your turn! One goal, one feeling! Let’s go!

Here’s to your amazing success and ability!