My New Year’s “Word”

My New Year’s “Word”

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My New Year’s “Word”

My very best friend in the world taught me something a few years back.  Back when we worked together in a retirement community, she entered my office and observed me frantically trying to set my New Year’s Resolutions.  She was so calm and collective about this process and I was literally freaking out because in T-minus a few days, I had to welcome some kind of phenomenal master shift into my life. She just looked at me with such a radiant glow of peace over her face and introduced me to the concept of declaring a single word to go by for the New Year.

A word?  How was I to summarize pages of goals, dreams, and aspirations into one word?  How would I come up with this word?  I was so intrigued how she adopted this concept so I asked her how she successfully came up with her word.  She explained to me how she prayed on her word and waited until the word reached her soul and alas it was her word! Wow, I thought!

From that point forward, I followed my BFF’s philosophy and started to introduce the “word concept” into my life every year.  And for the upcoming 2015 year, I have decided my word is T-I-M-E.  Yes, time.  I want to play with time better than I ever have in my entire life.  I want to enjoy what I am doing, be present in the moment, and use time more wisely.

It is funny; I am currently enjoying a break until around January 3rd without looking much at my workload at all.  I have been counting down the moments to “close up shop” and as I was anxiously checking off items on my “ta da” list, I was fantasizing and dreaming all about the time I would have to “finally” do everything I ever imagined AND finally get to all that I have been holding off on doing, too.

The break arrived. WOOHOO!  I was finally FREE from the everyday business duties and guess what? I would love to tell you I was slipped right into relax mode cuddled with the uttermost peace imaginable but that would be a lie.  All this time OFF FREAKED me out!  I literally spent days trying to figure out what the heck to do with all of this time.  It was in that moment I realized that I had allowed my professional busy Kristin to devour my inner playful Kristin.  I had forgotten how to relax and enjoy time without an agenda, alarm, ta da list, or meetings and the worst part of it all was that I FAKED myself into believing I never had “enough” time to do the things I loved to do in a day.

I had an immediate epiphany.  Guess what my epiphany was?  My epiphany was simple.  I am blessed.  I really DO have time to dedicate playful activities with my professional activities.  There really is enough time in the day.  I can have everything I ever imagined accomplished in my 24 hours, in my week, during my month, throughout the next six months and year.  Time is my BFF, my energy channel, my vehicle to be all that God created me to be!  My word is TIME and I am so LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So alas my word, time!  I am going to cherish time, play with time, love time, and rise to excellence on time every time!

What’s your word?