My Acronym

Kristin Empowering Self

So my word for 2015 is—TIME.  I wanted my yearly word to mean WAY more to me than ever before so I spiced it up a bit.  How you might ask?  I worked very diligently and creatively to create an acronym that would mark its place on my heart and for this year.  Are you ready?

– Train

I love research, making connections, and taking in what I newly learned so I can apply it to my life.  Train was selected because I no longer just wanted to educate myself and apply the logic, but I want to now powerfully train myself in that specific area of interest.  For an example, I am embarking on the Paleo lifestyle and rather than just educating myself on what to do, what not to do, shedding gluten, and creating a grocery list…I am actually training myself like a pro!  I am literally pretending I am back in my university days.  Color coding, presenting, writing, rehearsing, and studying!  This is my 2015 approach to anything I am authentically applying “time” towards.

– Initiate

One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins is this, “Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action.  If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” Initiate speaks to me because it triggers me to not only take action but to initiate a plan to “sustain” the action I have taken to achieve optimal results.  So how does time connect to initiate?  For me it means where I dedicate time I shall also “initiate” desirable outcomes. BOOM!

– Manage

I want to manage my self-care, my inner kick butt gutsy girl, and my life as a woman, mom, wife, sister, and friend.  I want to manage it using the same caution, care, and dedication I do when I set my mind to projects.

– Excellence

In everything I approach I would love to say I want to be excellent all of the time.  The reality is that I know myself, I know life, and I know when sometimes the urge to be excellent doesn’t necessarily align with the ability to on some days.  However, I want to value excellence a little more, push for excellence a little harder, embrace excellence humbly, and achieve excellence easily.  I have let go of perfection years ago, but I want to always safeguard quality, integrity, trust, honesty, and I believe this is all under the umbrella of excellence!

What did you decide?

Did you pick a few resolutions?  Set a few intentions or secure a word?  Setting goals can be a TON of fun.  You immediately feel pumped, energized, and driven.  And then again, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by what it is going to take to accomplish your dreams, desires, and wishes for the brand spanking New Year! My advice to you is to think of your “why.”  Why do you want “x, y, and z?”  What is it you are hoping to gain?  As I said earlier, I am embarking upon the Paleo lifestyle change and my “why” was bigger than just getting a little healthier.  My why was about living a long, healthy, prosperous life and having the most energy I possibly could to secure the life I want.  Make your WHY so freaking BIG that you cannot possibly derail from your well-deserved plan.

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