Kristin Empowering Self

Hi Ladies,

What a week!  My second oldest daughter flew in from Colorado with her boyfriend for a week and we were jammed packed with activities.  It is such a great feeling knowing your 20-year old wants to relive some of her childhood dreams, memories, and excitement while also sharing it with her loved one.  It sort of makes you think you “may” have done some things right. Ha!

This week I want your attention.  Yes, put me down right now if you are quickly scrolling through this email in a parking lot.  I want you to drop into this space with me for a moment because I am going to call out some fears that may keep you from being a little more playful in life, especially as you embrace change.  Before we jump into a few common fears, I do want you to repeat after me.

“Fear is a state of mind.  It is nothing more than a state of mind.”

Here are some common fears:

  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of aging

And we are going to stop there!  There are plenty more fears, but I am fairly confident you can resonate with at least one.  The purpose of today’s entry is not to discuss fears.  We will discuss the tiny, itty, bitty seed that blossoms into fear.  Do you want to know what that seed is called?  It is called….


Can you relate to indecision?  Do you struggle with making a decision?  Do you ever think about the “why” behind the reason you may be struggling with making a decision?  Hmm…..hitting close to home, isn’t it? Here are the top reasons….drum roll please!

#1:  You are afraid.  Yes.  You are afraid to make a decision in fear that your decision will be “cause” for a not so great end result.  So drop the fear, sister! Oh, and the perfectionism.  We are not perfect and we were never created to be perfect.  You can let that go now, honey.

#2:  You overanalyze!  Don’t over-analyze your options.  Be thankful you have options.  Options are fun!  They are gifts….adore them.  So how can you adore them when they feel so overwhelming?  Great question! Feel them with your heart, in your gut, and seek God for clarity, wisdom, peace, and the ability to tune into the right channel, his channel.

#3: You don’t trust yourself!   Learn to trust you are ready and you are ableNever look for validation outside of yourself and God.  You do not need the world to approve and you do not need to be validated by others.  You are enough; you are ready and guess what? You will know it, too.

#4:  You are not aligning!  Align your options with your core values.  The choice that aligns to your core values the best should be the right decision.  It should become a no brainer, so no opportunity for over analyzing!

#5:  You are afraid to modify!  It is OK if the plan didn’t go “exactly” as you would have hoped for it to go.  That is OK.  Modification, change, and some twists & turns are part of the package, sister.  Be open to change, but don’t be quick to change.


I hope this entry helped you to see you are not alone when it comes to indecision.  We all face it, but others are a little more controlled by it.  I was once there.  I was totally stuck in indecision and I had to finally stop, peel back the layers, and figure out why it was so difficult for me to make a decision.  When I figured out the reason, it made decision making so much easier.  Take the time to identify the stronghold of indecision and then slowly (because it just will not happen overnight) work towards minimizing this seed of failure until it is just gone, vanished, totally crushed…BOOM!