Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

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Happy New Year, friends! The social media pages are blowing up with dreams, desires, good wishes, goals, images, and excitement.  I couldn’t help but wonder what our world would be if we really could harness down this excitement for the “entire” year and not just when excitement is up for a particular occasion.

Many psychologists will say people generally “fail” when it comes to their New Year’s resolutions simply because they make their goals too hefty.  I can see this point, I have lived through this point, and I coach people who have faced this epic fail year after year.  On the other hand I would say people tend to play too small when it comes to resolutions, intentions, words, or goals.  Don’t play small.  Be Big!

My wish for you this year is to play big when everything is UP against you.  When that voice begins to haunt you, when people dare to limit you, or when you are so exhausted you cannot seem to find any ounce of hope or logic anymore, I want you to STAND in FAITH.

Never quit.  When you are about to quit remind yourself that this exhaustion, defeat, loss, failure, or any other freaking obstacle you face is a SIGN that you are on the EXACT path you were designed to be on.  Every struggle is a REMINDER you are enough, your goals and dreams are accurate, and you are worth the life you deserve!


Happy New Year!

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