Getting Clear and Moving Into Action

Kristin Empowering Self

Life is not always simple. We sometimes are not prepared the way we “think” we should be as we face pain, obstacles, and transitions. For an example, while I knew my Mom was terminal, the day I had to make the decision to pull her off of life support was something all the preparation in the world could not have properly prepared or released me from the intense pain that rocked my world. This is one of my examples I am sharing with you that I knew was coming my way in December of 2012. However, if I had not invested time with a trusted coach, appropriate resources, and took the time to build my tribe of support, I may never have been able to pull myself out of the “dark.” Now, looking back…I wonder if I had never taken the steps to put myself as a chief investment or if I never allowed those who truly loved me (truly loved me) to guide me, embrace me, and enter into my core with their “access” cards, I possibly could not be right here, right now doing the amazing work I am with doing with change-seeking women on a daily basis.

The point of this article is to remind you of how getting clear, staying clear, and sustaining clarity during the peaks and valleys of life helps to powerfully position you to tackle things with an increased sense of awareness and reflection. So how do you seek clarity in a foggy situation? I am not sure if any of you remember the movie “Big Daddy,” but Adam Sandler played the role of “dad” to a son that shielded his emotions, fears, and worries behind sunglasses, until he built the confidence he needed to powerfully remove them and he did! I love to reflect upon the magnificent power behind that concept. While I do not invite you to ever “hide” behind anything, because I am a firm believer you can push through any situation. When pushing, you sometimes may need to change your “lenses” or trust someone to get you a new pair of glasses. When you do this you can excitedly go on the “Big Dig” within to seek authentic clarity. The more clear you are with how you internally operate, the more likely you can uncover some core values of yours you either never knew existed or were likely hidden for so many years that they were sadly forgotten.

When you spend time with yourself, uninterrupted, you may need a broom. There may be years of cobwebs that have covered your dreams, outlooks, hopes, or values for reasons that are deeply rooted by core hurts, let downs, and past failures. You may also find you do not need a broom, but you need something to add shine to what you already know and currently declare as personal truth, yet you are still not living it. The point here, go on that “Big Dig.” I recommend this dig as part one of your self-discovery, which will help you to channel the right energy into your life and provide you the push you need to get to where you want to go.

Like most situations, when we set out a plan to travel somewhere we may never have been or we have not been to for sometime, we depend on a map. Using the same concept, create a self-map to where you are going or want to go so you can proudly arrive to the destination of a freedom-based life. When you consistently do this, you invite the opportunity to move yourself into action. You can read all the books in the world, you can declare you have “heard” it all before, but unless you are daily moving into action, you are merely just insightful, which likely serves others and it is you who stays stuck and left behind!

Today, if nothing at all, commit to spending time with yourself to seek personal counsel on where you are “at” right now in your life and where you want to go. Then clean your inner core, if it needs to be with your broom or shinning system to lighten up your dreams. Do not be surprised if you may need a huge push, like a little dynamite, so your dreams can ignite into action. When you take this personal journey with yourself, revisit the values you uncover and bring them back to life, you will have a personal renewal (like you never imagined possible from where your perspective may have been at the time you started this journey)!

You can always invest and take action with a coach to help you create and live the life you are calling to action and declaring yourself worthy of living. Whether you invest with me or someone else, remember taking a trained professional who is “for you” along the way may be the best investment you could ever make. It was for me, for my husband and I, and for our Smith Family.

Be bold, be strong, and take action to shift thoughts as you need to, but the key is to invite the shift, and stop being so “attached” to outcomes. Be open-minded. Quiet the distractions and noise, and be powerfully present with yourself.

Below you will see some pictures of when I took a walk down an amazing path, in order to spend time within my core. I spent so much time sitting and reflecting on this rock (about a year ago) and it was life changing.

Thinking Rock for the Stepmom Coach

Here I am taking time to sit on this rock that I declared my thinking rock! Boy, was I right!

My path and women's business coaching

The path I took up the mountains! All I had with me was water and my heart!

Clearing the clouds as a stepmom coach

When I left, the cloudiness started to clear up and light penetrated right through to my inner core!

Special note to all women:
When in transition or when looking for a transition, take time to align your values, so you can make powerfully based and fully enriched decisions to live a prosperous life!

Special note to my boldly blended stepmoms:
Take the time to go on that big dig! Your life plan likely did not include remarriage and raising someone else’s children, but they are yours now and you want to desperately succeed down this journey. Be the change you want to see in your family. However, you may need to walk the self-journey initially to be the best “you” as a woman, wife, and mother.

Partnering with you on this journey,