Empowering Yourself – From the Stepmom Coach and Business Coach – Kristin Smith

Kristin Empowering Self

Tired Of Getting The Same Results?


People are tired of marginal results in both their work life and personal life. They want to invite a change, but find themselves “stuck” in the same routines with the same frustrations. In order to gain exponential “life” results, I invite you to check in with your belief system. So many people forget to clear their head trash when they make a shift and this is the very reason I feel they come to the same crossroad at the end of every journey.

Limiting Beliefs Are Like Cancer Cells…They Metastasize

You have an internal head pool and it is full of thoughts from both past and present experiences. The experiences have been so kind as to leave an imprint within your mind. For the purposes of this blast, we will focus on the negative imprints. The imprints can relate to finances, family, romantic relationships, health, success, etc. The imprints can create an unfavorable navigation system for you, which means your carved out path may not lead you towards your desired direction! Therefore, it is essential to dump the head trash and negative self talk in order to thrive. Limiting personal belief systems are no fun! However, you can squash them if you keep your eye on the ball. How? Be aware of them! They tend to look like this:

  • “I never”
  • “People like me don’t get…”
  • “I cannot because…”
  • “It always happens to me…”
  • “It is this way…. because”
  • “Not the right time”
  • “I can’t be that person…”
  • “Life stinks because…”

The above statements are disempowering! They will hold you back from your potential. Many of these beliefs started forming when you were smaller and you may never have noticed them until now, but I am calling you out! You can eliminate it and say No More No Longer, friends!

How To Purge Limiting Beliefs

Recognize the above statements and keep track of them. It is so important to open your mind and know when one of these vicious little thoughts makes its appearance. If you notice it, immediately clear it and affirm it with a statement of truth. Praise yourself each time, because you are evidencing personal growth and development. Take peace in knowing that you can control how you respond and react to limiting self-beliefs. You are responsible for who you are today and no matter how the negative thoughts developed, you have the freedom and right to clear them and deny them from manifesting within your mind pool.

Tip Of The Day…Evaluate Your Blueprint

If you are looking at the blueprint of your life right now and you are not happy with the snapshot, learn when to make a move. Challenge yourself to be comfortable with uncomfortable, as I have always said. You are that powerful and amazing to make positive shifts in your life personally and professionally. Say no to what is not right in your life and yes to what is or should be. Find yourself again or sustain your place of ultimate growth by being aware of negative self-talk and squashing it immediately.