Dear Unstoppable Stepmoms

Kristin Empowering Self

Many of you know that I love data and I absolutely get pumped about research. With that said, I was overwhelmed by the recent findings related to blended families today. Here are a few alarming facts that both you and I should be aware of, so are you ready?

Many women feel that their remarriage is the answer and that they will live happily ever after. After all, what woman would not want that to be true? However, remarriages after divorce are becoming more and more unstable. Remarriages are crumbling and they crumble at a faster rate than most first marriages. 60% or greater of second marriages are failing and many of the experts and interviews from various couples are relating it to children and drama that comes with being blended.

Your Remarriage Could Impact Your Health

Medical studies are revealing that some diseases are more prominent in divorced persons such as mental illness and physical ailments. There was a recent finding that explained more depression was most acute among divorced persons who are in constant conflict and battle with their former spouses. Are you seriously willing to compromise your health? It is time to take action, my friends.

What Can You Do

Decide to be in the 40% bracket of the 60%+ second marriages breaking up today. You have been blessed with a gift from God to be in the role as a stepmom and you can help to build your family emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually today by taking action.

Trust Me

If I had the opportunity to invest in a coaching program when I was going through 16 years of pure hell, I would have sold all my assets to invest! That might be a stretch, but you get my point right? The toxicity of the relationship between my hubby and his former spouse was a sin! The personal attacks against me robbed me of having a peaceful mind. I allowed far too much “gunk” to invade our home and this is why I have dedicated my professional journey to help stepmoms say “No More, No Longer” and build a successful family.


I have a beautiful relationship with my two stepdaughters. I had to make a daily investment. I had to deal with daily competition from the BIO Mom and the girls were impacted until one day “I” changed how I responded. I am in control of a world that I felt totally trampled on and out of sorts in. I was not willing to let my marriage fail (trust me it has been tried my friends) and I was not willing to let another woman attack my husband, our children, or myself.

Check It Out

Women are scoring this awesome power-packed 4 week-intensive and the funniest thing ever is that I am having men reach out to get their hands around the program. This is an affordable program that leads you through change, allows you to maintain and sustain control, and squashes stress (and drama) immediately. Cannot afford the entire program today? No worries, you can select bill me later. Join other women (and men now, how funny) and take action today!

Kristin Smith, Stepmom, Business Coaching

You will find that my blended family coaching and my powerful ability to wrap my mind around what you are going through, as a stepmom, will help you to repurpose your role. Stepmom coaching is not something most women would ever imagine to invest in, but that is what makes us different, we are not like most women. Learn today how my stepmom coaching can help rock your family towards continuous success, love and abundance while squashing the totally ridiculous drama.