Upgrading versus Quitting Feature Image

Upgrading versus Quitting

Kristin A Bigger Conversation, Empowering Self

“A Bigger Conversation” I think Larry Weidel said it best when he stated, “If you’ve got a glimmer of a shot and you really want it, work against all odds.”  This is a great reminder to know what you are truly fighting for and working towards in life.  There comes a time in life when what was once categorized as …

Embracing Attacks with Confidence!

Tip # 1: Embracing Attacks with Confidence!

Kristin Savvy Stepmom

Unfortunately, the title “stepmom” comes with a variety of opinions, right?  There seems to be little or no resources out there to help today’s stepmom thrive in her household environment, which is shocking to me based on the high divorce rates, especially with second marriages.  This truth is more depressing when stepmoms are trying to get their hands on something ...